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Welcome To Lake Toba

          Hey every one_I am from North Sumatera and really nice place for tourism...There are much local and abroad tourist come to there and see culture and wonderful nature at there....North Sumatera is in Sumatera island and the capital of North Sumatera is Medan_very nice city...near to Singapura and Malaysia.....
           So if you want to come to North Sumatera,you can use landline,air lane and sea lane for the local tourist and you can use air lane for abroad tourist.And you can contact much agent in there to show you every cost that you will spend at there and how you can reach that.I am really proud become North Sumatera people because we have very interisting culture and we have very nice nature...We have a  lake,the biggest lake in southeast Asia...The name of the  lake is Toba  lake...Very wonderful and nice  lake....!! lake Toba was formed from volcano eruptionThe peak of the mountain collapsed and there was  lake Toba. Some ruins it became the island of Samosir. Natural events make it a beautiful area.  lake area of 6.60 square kilometers surrounded by walls of towering hills up to 480 meters above sea level.
You can see the our beatiful  lake:

          Very interesting isn't?Most of Batak are Christian....You can come and enjoy this free and you can see Batak Culture"my culture" in here.Batak is a collective term used to identify a number of ethnic groups found in North Sumatera,Indonesia.The term is used to include the Toba,Karo,Pakpak,Simalungun,Angkola, and Mandailing.Each of which are distinct but related groups with distinct,albeit related,languages and customs.
Linguistic and archeological evidence indicates that Austronesian speakers first reached Sumatera from Taiwan and Philippines through Borneo or Java about 2500 years ago and Batak probably evolved from these settlers.
And you will see much traditional House and the other cultures in here and really beatiful like:
  • Traditional House

  •  Traditional Dance

  • Batak Royal Heritage

          So please come to Lake Toba_We will serve you and give the best introducing of our culture here..And I really want the tourism at my place North Sumatera become famous tourism place for Indonesia and for all coutry...Thx for read this....God bless you....
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a very satisfactory article for the readers

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Thank you for visit__!!!

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This is very nice place.. This is very nice article.

Estro Dariatno Sihaloho mengatakan...

Thank you very much for visit and comment Carpet...lol_funny name...Yes,you are right...this is our lake in my home town in North Sumatera..please come and enjoy the tourism :D