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Top Ten Richest Countries/Institution of Gold Deposit In the World 2010

          Current world gold prices continue to rise with the decrease of gold reserves in the bowels of the earth. Largest gold holders are central banks, international agencies and government who are believed to save approximately 20.5 percent of world gold, or about 29,787 tons.

 So Top Ten Richest Countries of Gold Deposit In the World 2010 :
1. United States
 Par: 358.63 million Dollars
Weight: 8,965.65 Tons

          United States Bullion Depository in Kentucky - otherwise known as Fort Knox - is a place to store supplies of the most famous gold in the world. Because this place is to save most of the national gold reserves, the rest is stored at the Philadelphia Mint, the Denver Mint, the West Point Bullion Depository and the San Francisco Assay Office. Overall, the total gold reserves of the United States amounted to 8965.65 tons and worth about 358.63 million dollars
2. Germany
Par: 150.17 million Dollars
Weight: 3754.29 Ton

          Deutsche Bundesbank, Germany's central bank, has been storing 3754.29 tonnes of gold reserves, worth around 150.17 million dollars. According to the World Gold Council, gold coffers of Germany as much as 66.1 percent of total foreign exchange reserves.

3. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
 Par: 132.4 million Dollars
Weight: 3311.84 Ton

          IMF oversee international economic operation of the 185 member countries. Gold policy has changed in the last 25 years, but does not alter the gold reserves to international markets and help stabilize the national economy. For example, sell a portion of reserves in December 1999 to help heal the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative. The 3311.84 tons of IMF Gold Would fetch roughly $ 132.4 billion in today's market. 3311.84 tonnes of IMF gold would be the equivalent of 132.4 million dollars in today's market. 
 Par: 108.07 million Dollars
Weight: 2701.9 Tons
          Banca D'Italia Italian manage foreign reserves, which had been reported was 2701.9 tonnes by the World Gold Council and became the owner of the fourth-largest gold reserves in the world. Ownership is worth 108.07 million dollars and 64.9 percent are foreign exchange reserves. 
 Par: 107.35 million Dollars
Weight: 2683.81 Ton
          National Bank of France, Banque De France, is home to the country's gold property, which consists of 65.7 percent of foreign reserves. With 2683.81 tonnes of gold as a reserve, the French possession amounting to around 107.35 million dollars.
 Par: 46.46 million Dollars
Weight: 1161.6 Tons
          With 1161.6 tons, the country with the largest population has the sixth largest gold reserves in the world. Expect higher? that of China's gold reserves haya 1.6 percent of foreign-owned rest as foreign exchange. With a population of 1.34 billion, the country has about 34.70 dollars per person, with a total of 46.46 million dollars.

 Par: 45.84 million Dollars
Weight: 1146 Ton
          Swiss National Bank monetary policy of Switzerland and manage 1146 tons of gold country. With the world's seventh-largest reserves in terms of precious metals, the supply of Switzerland worth about 45.84 million dollars in the gold market today, accounting for 27.1 percent of foreign exchange reserves.
Par: 33.73 million Dollars
Weight: 843.25 Tons
          Although the Japanese order of 8 on the list, 843.25 tonnes of gold held only 2.5 percent of total foreign exchange reserves. In open markets, Japan's gold reserves worth about 33.73 million watched by the Bank of Japan

 Par: 28.26 million Dollars
Weight: 706.38 Tons
          Central Bank of Russian Federation is responsible for 706.38 tons of gold country, which is worth 28.26 million dollars and consisted of 5.1% of the country's foreign exchange reserves. In 2009 Russia increased gold production by 21%, partly due to the launch of several new mines.

 Par: 26.9 million Dollars
Weight: 674.98 Tons
          The Netherlands has the tenth largest reserves in the list with 674.98 tons of gold. Dutch bank to manage the national finances, including gold reserves, the nominal approximately 26.9 million in the current market and gold 53.4 percent of foreign exchange reserves.
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