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          Internet faux news site Weekly World News posted  an outrageous story that Facebook will be shut down on March 15th 2011, due to the stress it has put Founder Mark Zuckerberg through.
Normally this type of news would not even be worth our time and effort, but an unfortunate situation occurred where thousands of viewers actually believed the story and shared it on Facebook. Over the past hour, 40 of my 320+ friends shared this story, and I’ve received a couple messages and emails about it from “worried” fans. I expect that the situation will get worse, sparking more controversy  over the Internet.
         So just to confirm, this is a fake story by a faux news site, similar to that of The Onion and Chive. As a reminder, always fact check before passing on stories, or else what happened today will keep happening over and over (like this trend will ever stop anyway)… oh yea, use some common sense. Also, with a company estimated at being worth over $50 billion, why would anyone even think of suddenly shutting it down. As a friend said, it would obviously make sense to sell it off rather than just kill it all together.
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        January 2011

That's a reason from the other Article why it's imposible to close Facebook :

          News earlier this week that Goldman Sachs  has invested $450 million in the social networking site let Facebook kick off the new year without skipping a beat as perhaps the most buzzed about company on the planet.The question for future Facebook investors is whether there’s any steak there or just a lot of sizzle. The virtually unanimous response from analysts is that Facebook isn’t just steak -- it’s filet mignon.
“Facebook is going to be the dominant platform on the Web. It’s more than just a Web site, it’s peoples’ online identity,” said Eric Jackson, CEO and co-founder of CapLinked, an online firm that helps match young companies with investors.
               Facebook is now the most popular Web site on the Internet, surpassing Google in 2010, according to two separate firms that track online traffic. At some point last year the site passed 500 million users, nearly double the population of the U.S. And the not-unrealistic expectation is for that number to continue to grow until an estimated one-fifth of the world’s population is “friending” one another on the site.
               Advertising is expected to provide the main source of profit. Similar to television, advertisers will view Facebook as a way to reach large numbers of specific niches of people; teenagers, college students, stay-at-home moms with small children, etc. In that way Facebook can be used to generate demand for products much like television commercials do. Google ads, on the other, similar to newspaper classified ads, respond to demand that’s already there.
               There’s also potential to make money by selling products within Facebook communities, such as virtual birthday cards and all manner of other virtual products. Charging third parties for access to Facebook’s data base of its users is also seen as a way of generating revenue (if all the privacy issues are worked out).
That are reasons why_if there is one tell uas that facebook will shut down in March 15'th...It's a big lie...

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