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Republic of Indonesia_____!!!!!

          Indonesia is really rich country_we have everything in Indonesia....Indonesia have much resources....!!!!we are rich country....!!!!Indonesia comprises   17.508 islands...many islands....With a population of around 238 million people...wow...That's really great,so for our economy_we have best basic to develop our economic...we have much Labor,we have enough resources...we have much capital..!!!but I dont know why Indonesia still like this...just like only poor country...I think there are much problem with economic strategy in Indonesia....But I hope that Indonesia will get better with all...So I will tell u little information about Indonesia now..Indonesia have consists of 33 provinces that spread in 7 big biggest islands....There are :

1.Sumatera Island
          Sumatera Island adjacent with 2 others coutry in North..There are Singapore and Malaysia .21% of Indonesia people live in this island...This is a big island..In this big islands there are 10 provinces :
  • Aceh -Capital @ Banda Aceh
  • Bangka Belitung -Capital @ Pangkal Pinang
  • Bengkulu-Capital @ Bengkulu
  • Jambi -Capital @ Jambi
  • Lampung-Capital @ Bandar Lampung
  • Riau-Capital @ Pekan Baru
  • Riau Islands- Capital @ Tanjung Pinang
  • West Sumatera -Capital @ Padang
  • South Sumatera -Capital @ Palembang
  • North Sumatera - Capital @ Medan

2.Java Island

          This island is the populous islands among the others islands..58% of Indonesia people are live in this Islands...It's about 136 million people.many people come from the others islands to Java Islands because Jakarta,capital of Indonesia is in this islands...so economic and others sector grow fast in this islands...so many people come to here...There are 6 provinces in here:
  • Jakarta-Capital @ Jakarta
  • Banten-Capital @ Serang
  • West Java-Capital @ Bandung
  • Central Java-Capital @ Semarang
  • Yogyakarta Special Region-Capital @ Yogyakarta
  • East Java- Capital @ Surabaya

3.Kalimantan Island

          Kalimantan Island is the biggest Island in Indonesia...Kalimantan Island is a rich Island..There much forest in there...Indonesia and other country in the world really protect the forest and all animals in here..Although Kalimantan is the biggest island in Indonesia,,It's just 6 % of Indonesia people live in Kalimantan...In Kalimantan Island there are 2 others country that adjacent land with Indonesia..There are Malaysia and Brunai Darrusalam.And there are 4 provinces in this island :
  • West Kalimantan-Capital @ Pontianak
  • Central Kalimantan-Capital @ Palangkaraya
  • South Kalimantan - Capital @ Banjarmasin
  • East Kalimantan - Capital @ Samarinda

4.Sulawesi Island
           The  Portuguese were the first to refer to Sulawesi as 'Celebes'. The meaning of this name is unclear.There is 7 % of Indonesia people live in this island.There are 6 provinces in this island :
  • North Sulawesi -Capital @ Manado
  • Gorontalo - Capital @ Gorontalo
  • Central Sulawesi -Capital @ Palu
  • West Sulawesi - Capital @  Mamuju
  • South Sulawesi - Capital @ Makassar
  • South East Sulawesi - Capital @ Kendari

5.Maluku Island
           The Maluku Islands also known as the Moluccas,Moluccan Islands,and The Spice Islands.There are 2 provinces in this island,There are:
  • Maluku-Capital @ Ambon
  • North Maluku - Capital @ Sofifi

6.Western New Guinea Island
          This is westernmost island of Indonesia islands...This island is rich island too...but people in here is still too traditional for all sector and make the economy growth in this island grow really slow...And minim attention from goverment of Indonesia make this island become the worst of economic than the others island.Indonesia adjacent land with Papua Nugini Coutry in west .There are 2 provinces in here :
  • West Papua -Capital @ Manokwari
  • Papua-Capital @ Jayapura

7.Lesser Sunda Island
          This is the last big island ...Many people in around the world know about this Island....There is 6 % of Indonesia people live in this island...And there are 3 provinces in this island :
  • Bali -Capital @ Denpasar
  • West Nusa Tenggara-Capital @ Mataram
  • East Nusa Tenggara - Capital @ Kupang

So Indonesia :
This is Indonesia___and we are very unique country with many island,culture,rich resources__!!!And we have everything to develop our economy become BIG Country in this world....We Love Indonesia....!!!
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