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Sea World's Richest Region.......!!!!

          Marine areas in the world so is spacious but did you know there are some places that have a variety of marine life? Here are some of the marine area that has thousands of species of sea creatures.

          Gulf of Mexico proved to be one part of the most marine biodiversity. there are about 15,000 known marine species spread only on 1.5 million square kilometers.

          Australia also noted as the region's richest marine biodiversity. Reportedly there were about 40 000 marine species that live there. Dragonfish is rumored to live in darkness and cold ocean Australia.

          New species of sea snail found living in a dead-whale submerged beneath the sea. small eye (bottom right) is protected by a shield that was built up to the head. Japanese coastal waters are home to the estimated 155,000 marine species. This area is one of the most diverse regions in all oceans, including waters of Australia and China

          White shark estimated to live in the world, but they are commonly found in South African waters, where the tourists often dive to see them. they are just one of 12,900 species known to live at 1 million square kilometers in the coastal waters of South Africa. But no one knows what life at a depth of more than 1,000 meters. maybe if it could be traced to more species were found.
  • Caribean

           Caribean known as the coral reefs and marine parks. More than 12,000 species are known at 2.75 square kilometers wide. Sponge brittle star was one of the species found on coral reefs Caribean. The species is active at night.
  • Mediterranean

          Deepest water in the Mediterranean are considered sparsely populated but the marine life abundant life that much there. One of the species are located in the heart hedgehogs muddy and sandy sediments. 17 000 species in Mediterranean facing exceptional threat because of litter, therefore, we preserve our marine environment for our marine environment is not damaged.

          Lambis chigagra is the spider conch, a marine snail tremendous growing up to 3.2 cm. Females larger than males. This species is found off the coast of China, where the place is a lot of coral reefs. "China is part of the triangle 'gold' biodiversity, along with Australia and Japan. This high level of diversity and real, not just an artifact of intensive exploration. "So said Ron O'Dor, chief scientist of a census of marine life.
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