Minggu, 07 November 2010

"INDONESIA CRY"__Please Pray for Indonesia_Jesus Bless Indonesia...!!!

I am still take my graduate in Padjadjaran Univeristy in Bandung,West Java..I am really shock and sad because of many disasters that hit Indonesia...In 2010,there are 3 big disasters in Indonesia....There are :

1.Flood Disaster in Wasior 

   A very large flood occurs in Wasior Papua and this flood caused Indonesia suffered losses Rp 683 Miliar or in $US 68,3 Million ....
Flash flood that came down from Mount Wondiboi on October 4-2010, then it does not just hit life in the City of Wasior. Damage also occurs from the banks of the river up to a radius of 10 kilometers into the city. As many as 164 people were killed, 121 still missing, and thousands were displaced

2. Tsunami Disaster of Mentawai

   Indonesia mourning again after the shock that occurred in the Mentawai tsunami, tsunami measuring over 7  on the Richter scale.
there are 517 housing units with severely damaged and 204 residents with minor damage.
Provincial Government of West Sumatra and Mentawai District, as of yet have the data amount of material loss due to earthquake and tsunami in the Mentawai. While the number of dead 428 people, 74 people missing and 498 injured.
3.Eruption of Mount Merapi

Eruption of Mount Merapi as a national disaster because the scope is very broad involve people who fled nearly 200 thousand people....

And eruption of Merapi was destroyed tens of thousands of houses and destroying existing plants and kill all animals that are around Mount Merapi tersebutAnd The current refugefor more than 200 thousand residents were still not adequate.

Note  : red point in the map illustrates an active volcano in Indonesia...
There are 18 Mount the alert status :
1. Sinabung (Karo, North Sumatra)2. Mount Talang (Solok, West Sumatra)3. Mount Kaba (Bengkulu)4. Mount Kerinci (Jambi)5. Mount Anak Krakatau (Lampung)6. Volcano (Garut, West Java)7. Mount Slamet (Java)8. Mount Bromo (East Java)9. Mount Semeru (Lumajang, East Java)10. Mount Batur (Bali)11. Mount Rinjani (Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara)12. Sangeang Gunung Api (Bima, NTB)13. Mount Rokatenda (Flores, East Nusa Tenggara)14. Mount Egon (Sikka, NTT)15. Mount Soputan (South Minahasa, North Sulawesi)16. Mount Lokon (Tomohon, North Sulawesi)17. Mount Gamalama (Ternate, North Maluku)18. Mount Dukono (North Halmahera, North Maluku) 
And There are 2 Mount the standby status:1. Mount Karangetang (North Sulawesi)2. Mount Ibu (West Halmahera, North Maluku)
So we see that all these volcanoes scattered across Indonesia and when this volcano erupts will make cry Indonesia......
So every one_Let us pray for Indonesia.....Indonesia need our pray....Indonesia need Jesus....Jesus bless Indonesia....Amin..... by Facebook Comment