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Tourism And Economy Of Indonesia

Tourism is one of  the stonger economic revenue in Indonesia.Beautiful nature and strategis position make tourist choose indonesia for tourism destination.With a vast archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, the second longest shoreline in the world, 300 different ethnic groups and 250 distinct languages, and tropical climate throughout the year, nature and culture are two major components of Indonesian tourism.

           Tourism in Indonesia is currently overseen by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. International tourist campaigns have been focusing largely on tropical destination with white sand beaches and blue sky imagery. Beach resorts and hotels were developed in some Indonesia islands, with Bali island as the primary destination. Cultural tourism is also an important part of Indonesia tourism industry. Toraja, Prambanan and Borobudur temples, Yogyakarta and Minangkabau are popular destinations for cultural tourism, apart from many Hindu festivities in Bali. About 5 million foreign tourists have visited Indonesia annually since 2000.

         However, tourism development had sometimes clashed with local people, that has created criticism over Indonesia's tourism industry. Most of the disputes were related over land possession, local traditions (adat) and the impact of tourism development to the local people. In another area, tourism industry in Indonesia faces major threats. Since 2002, several warnings have been issued by some countries over terrorist threats and ethnic/religious conflicts in some areas, which significantly reduces the number of foreign visitors.This is very harm for Indonesian economic.The tourist doubt to visit Indonesia because they scary about their safety.
            Actualy, tourism industry have strength and weakness effect.For the strength effect tourism can development the economic of Indonesia.Because have many visitors can be add the govern revenue and can be give many people job.For example: the people can be trade their product and their service.Usually the tourist very like with traditional product and Art.So the people In the location of tourism can be produce to get revenue for their needed and saving.To get many visitors,not only have beautiful nature.But the structure of social people in the place of tourism must be good and friendly.And the additional point is the culture.For example Bali, Bali have nice nature and good social people.So the tourist interested to visit Bali.To the extent I have a experience chatt with the foreign people and she ask for my country.So I said I’m from Indonesia.But she confused.Then she ask me again “is Indonesia in Bali”.Read it I laught, and I Said “Bali is in Indonesia”.So this is point the Bali more  famous than Indonesia.
         Well,I will explain another example.I choose Lombok for the second example.Lombok is one of the beatifull island in Indonesia.But the visitors of Lombok not like Bali.Why ??.Its because sturucture sociality in Lombok not so good.Beside that infrastructure in Lombok not so good too like Bali.In additional art and friendly of people is less.So tourist not too interested to visit Lombok.
            Tourism also can popularize our culture.If the touris visit our country,absolutely they will be see our culture,then they will be speak it to another people.With speak by speak the another people will be interested to visit our country.many visitors mean many revenue.
            Beside that,Tourism not only bring money and revenue to our country,but it also bring many negative effect or weakness.The pepole that visit our country automaticly bring their live style.The life style very dangerous for our people spesialize for our young generation.For example,west culture is the dangerousest for our local culture.Because the west culture very opposite with our culture.West culture very hedonist,liberalize,free and materialize.We can see now,free sex,criminal,gangster and so on occur anywhere.
            Not only that,not balancing our kurs with another country is a serious problem.Our kurs is lower than developed country.Factually,96% tourist that visit indonesia from developed country,for example USA,Canada,Japan,europian country and soo on.This condition describe a threat for our national economy. why…?.because the condition in low kurs indonesian people will be  difficulty to buy product from country that have higer kurs than indonesia.Opposite this fact the people from the developed country or the country that have higer kurs then indonesia can buy indonesian product easily.So it make our country weak in international trade.If our weak in international trade,it’s indicate our country development not smoth even not will be go on.
            Destruction of nature also the weakness impact from tourism.If in a palace opening a tourism area,absolutely that area must be get developing.So the balance of nature will be disturbed and this is will make destruction of nature.Then if the location raeady to be a tourism object,people will come to the area.Usually in crowded area,rubish will be scattered any where and it can destruction of the nature.
            Tourism also invited crime.Because many peole not identified come to our country.So crime have large opportunity to help.For example Bali bom,terrorism and so on.Bali bom killed many people.The reason the terrorist bomed bali not identifiying until now.This is very harm for our country.This is because make bad thinkking from the other country to Indonesia.They said Indonesia not safety.Beside that bom and terrorist give many loss,loss for material and soul.
            For the weakness,the people with the govern must work together.Many step can our doing.For prevent the destruction of nature the people must concious and care abaut hygiene of nature and give sanction for people that do destruction to the nature.Then the resourches,specially or tourism managed wise.So nature can be keeped.
            The crime is the serious weakness impact.Because this is make many lossing.So this case must prevent goodly.The first the people must alert to visitors,because anything possible to help.Team work is the solution one for prevent this case.
            And the important one is the change of culture.This impact very dangerous for the young generation.Because the big assets for our country is the young generation.If the young generation broken,our country will be broken too.So this cae must be prevent as good as possible.Have many money,many resourches but not have good young generation in morality and inteligency mean nothing.So this preven start from the parents.The parents must be embed the norm to their children.The most important one norm is the “shy”.If the shy grow up goodly in the people then sociality will grow up goodly.Then the socond prventive come from environment society.If in environmnet society grow up the care to another people,so young generation will be safety.Nothing free sex,use appropriate clothing,no prostitution and so on.And this is govern task too to safe the young generation with their policy.
            In spite of it the govern must be take their role.They must safe their human society.They must take policy base on people needed.Low exchange kurs is the main concern of the govern.The govern must make the people prosperous.Not kill the people,not curruption and nepotism.All the problem that I describe just now,all of them is the problem of the government too.
            As far as I concern many policy that govern must take.For prevent the crime the govern must selectifly to the visitors.For example tighten the security in the airpor and more responsibility to people problem about tourism.Then the case of natural destruction govern must make firm policy.For example “ who throw the rubis not to that place,get fine” and soo on.        
            After that,the low kurs exchange must be resolved goodly by the govern.This case can resolved by stop curruption,pay country international payable and improve performance of the human society.For tourism for example,the govern can give investation for support the economy  human society in the place of tourism.The conclussion Tourism have many strength and weakness so for the weakness must be prevent together by people and govern together.

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