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Technology and Economy in Indonesia

In this nowadays modern era, so many humans need a practical tool to ease their assignment. And technology surely has a fatal role in bearing that. There are so many technology which has been made by humans to help their working itself these days, it all is only for the sake of easing their working.

For example, in this era with technology people can communicate, searching for informations, and studying everywhere. They use their handphone as a longdistance communication tool, they use plane to get into a far place in a short time. The development of technology that has been achieved till now is really giving a big benefit in people's life.

Then we could understand with the presence of technology, people are really helped in their daily life's problem, but in the other way people should notice too that there are many effects on it too, both positive and even negative.

The development of technology means that there is an increasing in technic effeciency, which can be definited as a producing skill to produce more output with regular amount of input or even less than the regular amount of input. Then that it can be said that generally the development of technology will affect the increasing of manpower's productivity, the productivity of capital, and even the total productivity. The experience of industrial countries show that sains and technology are the primary source and natural moving factor in the development of economy, especially from the side of growth of yearly total productivity. So, the growth of economy is directly related with the increasing of productivity and the increasing of productivity itself is really affected by the development of technology's level.

In a country's economy, nowadays the distance and time are not big problem anymore to support the growth of economy in that country. There are so many application born to support it. The economy of a country can be shown from the growth of its information technology and communication in that country. The more the growth of information technology bigger, the more the growth of economy in that country bigger. But, once again that is needed to be noticed that this technology's development could be bringing a negative side (which will be told in the upcoming paragraph), where there are still so many misusing in technology to do criminal things. So then, eventhough in the beggining technology was made to make a positive thing, but in the other side it could be used to do a negative thing that affects the development of technology itself and the people's life too.

Including in Indonesia, technology surely has a major fatal role too in our economy system. As example, for the positive points are ;
*) the increasing of economy’s growth in Indonesia, as be told in the previous paragraph, we will be able to produce more output with regular amount of input or even less than the regular amount of input in the beggining, it surely will help bringing up the increasing of economy’s growth in Indonesia.
*) there will be an Industrialisation, the period of social and economic change that transforms a human group from an agrarian society into an industrial one, or could be or could be specified as a condition where people can focus on jobs that included many specialization, salary, and the income will be bigger. Industrialisation is also a part of modernization which the social changing and the economy's growth are really bonded with the inovation of technology.
*) productivity in industrial world will be increased, as I said formerly about the output and input, the development of technology will affect the ability of producing more in industrial world, both from the industrial technology aspect and on the kind of production's aspect. Investation and reinvestation which are running in big scale will increase our productivity in economy aspect. In the future, the impact of the development of technology in industrial world will be more important. The signs has shown that there will be a business technology which is enabling consumer do direct contact with the factory individually so the service will be provided directly to the consumer, and the more important is the consumer doesn't have to go to the shop directly.
*) competition among employees will demand the workers to develop their skill, ability, and knowledge more. The tendency of technology and economy development will affect on the acceptance of manpower and the quality of manpower which is needed. The qualification and quantity of manpower that is needed will be changed fastly. Then the impact is, the education that is needed is the education which produces manpower that is able to transform their knowledge and skill properly according to their needs in their field of working.
*) easing the job of economists and accountants. of course it will, with the development of technology they will be able to use computer, laptop, tablet, or even phone to do their job using the applications which are made only for their kind of job everywhere and everytime in a simple way. It’s different with the past where they still just used a paper and a pen to do their job and it is so not  efficient comparing to the current era.

Beside of the positive effect in our economy system, there are also negative effect might be occured because of the development technology, most of it occurs because of the negligence of human itself thou ;
*) technology's abusement on the specific persons to do a criminal thing. We know that the development of technology and education are also making high tech generation but some of them might be has low quality of moral.That is the one which will be bringing a negative effects on our economy system especially, as example there would be a hacking attack to break into a bank's system or else.
*) the secrecy of testing tools will be threatened. Intelligence agent's programs like raven test, differential aptitudes test, could be accessed throught a compact disk (CD). The implication of this problem is, psychology test would be spoiled easily, and the development of that psychology test should be depended on that spoiling's groove

The only way to prevent these problem from society is the society, especially parents in home and teachers in school must be very strict in educating their childs or students from they were still a little, because it will affect their personality for sure if they have been educated since their childhood.  And how the government can take a role in preventing it ? might be they must emphasize the law in this country that we might have known that the law in this country is still very easy to be broken, especially by money, you can bribe the judge, the police, even you can bribe the government itself. The government often has announced that they will make the law in this country more strict than the previous, but the fact is these are only a empty talk, they still can be bribed easily by the criminals they have arrested before, so the society must take this role seriously to educate our young generation to be a better generation in the future.

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