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Import is an activity where the buyer (importer) buy a goods and services from seller (exporter) in the overseas or from another country. An import from one country is an export to another country, which is a vice versa from import.
An export and import activity is very important in developing a country, because a country got their income from the foreign exchange. Foreign Exchange, like its name is an exchange of money between two foreign countries, the money will then used to pay an imported goods or labors. Import, usually come with intends to satisfy the people. For example, when in a country, if there is a demand for a goods or labor, but clacking in the goods or labors, or worse in that country they did not produce it at all. Then to fill the lack of goods or labor, the importer will buy the goods or labors from the exporter and sell it to the customers who demand it.

Import in Indonesia

Indonesia had many imported goods. Whether it is a raw materials, auxiliary materials or a capital. There are 2 types of goods that Indonesians bought from overboard, a consumer goods, and industrial raw goods. The consumer goods are goods that can be sold directly to the consumer, foods for example. While Industrial raw goods are goods that can be used for industry for more further production or directly sold to the consumer. However, since Indonesia haven’t got the technology that rival the goods from overseas (imported products), Indonesia believe that the quality of imported goods is better than the goods that produced in their own country itself. That’s why the Industrial market in Indonesia is wide open, and the rate of import in Indonesia is higher than export.

The Strength and Weakness of Import

Every activity had its own good and bad and Import activities did not escape from it. First we talk about the good of the Importing. Importing, as been told before is the activity of buying a goods or labor from overseas. That’s mean, with the import we can get anything or something that usually rare or not found in Indonesia. Import activities also can bring the people to familiarize with the world. For food, with the import, the people can buy a high quality meat or vegetables from overseas, the ingredients from some foreign countries local recipe which usually can’t be found here, and unusual snack. With the import of the food, some people can open their mind to the other countries taste and culinary. However, technologies are the usually the most thing that had been imported from the overseas especially gadgets. With gadgets been imported to Indonesia, the people of Indonesia can adapt themselves to the times, as you can see many of the youngsters nowadays use the tab or new type of phone called smart phone, including the writer itself.
To the writer, an import activity has its own benefits for his personal satisfaction. First of all, the writer is a gamer, and as a gamer in Indonesia an import activity is very important. While other people with their tab or smart phones can buy or download a free app, however a hacker has found a way called a jailbreak so they can download an app with price for free. However this is not the case to the gamer. Game software nowadays, unlike the previous generations like PS2, PSX, Xbox, etc; is hard to pirates. So, for the game software for PS3 and newer handhelds (PSVita, 3DS) gamers must buy the original copy of the game, this is where the import activity comes in handy. So, unlike before, where the importer only had to buy just one copy and pirated it so they can make another copy with it. This time the importer had to buy more original copy to adjust with customer demand and sold it directly to the consumer. This means that the import activity in gaming industries is increasing than before. The writer also had an original copy of a game he bought himself.

While previously we talk about the good side, now let’s talk about the negative effect of the import activities. The first problem is the price. Some product of the imported goods is relatively high, because of transportation fee, tax fee, etc. For that reason, importer had to consider whether the goods is really worth to sell it in the country, or can it be salable. Customer who wanted to buy imported goods also had to think twice. When the writer played a game in PSX or PS2, the writer can buy the pirated game for just around Rp.10.000 and free in DS or PSP, so the writer can play the game whatever he wanted. But now, since gamer had to buy the original copy of the game, gamer including the writer had to look whether the game is good or bad or really worth to buy or not.
The next problem of the import activities is the people of Indonesia prefer the imported goods rather than their local goods, because as I told you before Indonesian people belief that the imported goods are better. This assumption is what caused the import rate in Indonesia is higher than the export rate. For example, in the furniture industry many people believe that the furniture from overseas is better. However that assumption is wrong. The best raw materials to produces a furniture is gotten from wood in Indonesia, and the woods that exported to other countries is made into furniture and imported here back in Indonesia. This means that Indonesians is lacking of trust in Indonesian products. Causing in 2011 to 2012, the import rate is increasing for 10.28% while the export rate is decreasing for -5.58%. This means that the import rate from year 2011 to year 2012 is larger than export rate. If the import keeps greater than the export, then the country will faces a crisis, ruin and takeover.

How to overcome the weakness

In order to keep the balance between export and import, it have to began with the society first. First, people must appreciate local products and buy it. By using the local products, we will add income to the local producers, with the revenue of the local producers increase, the well-fare of the population also improve. Also, by using the local products, it will represent our country. For example, Batik is a national clothing originally made from Indonesia. Batik usually wore in a special occasion. However, even though they wore it often, the people from Indonesia haven’t realized the value of the batik. Until 2009, where Malaysia claim it as their own heritage, this where the turnover is Batik’s sale is increasing dramatically. Just like Sumbawa Island, Indonesia didn’t care enough, until someone try to steal it. This is because the lack of trust in Indonesian locals.
Next, is to increase the export so the balance can be kept. To increase the export Indonesia must have its own alternative. In order to win the International markets. Indonesia had to think creatively or create something that only Indonesia can make, for example, Batik and the culinary.  Indonesian food is really unique because it had many culture behind it. When writer read tourists blog in Indonesia, they really amazed with the culinary, and the most popular of all is Nasi Goreng. There is also many export products that popular in the world, like Indomie, Polygon, Kapal Api, etc. However, even though Indonesia had many export products. Indonesia is still lose in term of technology, and in these days technology is really important. That’s why Indonesia still had more Import than Export.
Government also tries to balancing between export and import. Even though their way is really wise or can anger the mob. For example, to suppress the import rate Government increased the tax rates, causing the imported goods prices to be more expensive than they already are. In 2011, because of the tax rates and customs is increased, film importer boycott causing the cinemas in Indonesia to lack in Hollywood movies. This made the cinemas in Indonesia deserted and many of the Indonesians go to other countries just to watch some movies.
Import is an important activity because it formed a communication to other country, and beneficial to our country. However, the import must not exceed the export too much, and import and export must be balanced and in order to balanced it, it must began with the people first. Government also had to think of their peoples when making a decision, because what they do is supposed to be for the peoples. 

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