Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Teaching Assistant Microeconomics Macroeconomics "TAMIMA"

There are lab work at microeconomic and macroeconomic in Faculty of Economic of Padjadjaran University.I am really thank God because Jesus bless all my way when I follow all the Teaching Assistant of Microeconomics Macroeconomics.There are some difficult test that I must do and give my best to win the test.All applicant must follow the test for that Teaching Assistant for one semester or six month and there are 6 test like:
  1. Writing Test : Multiple Choice and Essay Version
  2. Oral Test
  3. Teaching Test for 2 class: Introducing of Microeconomics and Introducing of Macroeconomics
  4. Presentation Test in front of Economic Lecturer
  5. Focus Group Discussion
  6. Final Interview 
You know that I am really  pessimist for all this test because I have very good competitor.I just give my hope to my Lord Jesus about everything and I believe that Jesus Christ bless me and decide the best for me.And when result all of the test that tell who are the new Teaching Assistant,I am still in my holiday in Bali and in there I always pray that Jesus give me the best answer.And I am really surprise when my friend send me short message "Congratulation for the next Teaching Assistant"_and my girl read that message_and I feel really happy...I am really Thank God because Jesus trust me to teach in Lab Work...So I start my teaching for the fifth semester.And for this semester I teach for two class.That's Introducing of Microeconomics,I teach Management 2009 Students and I help Mr Adiatma Siregar as Teaching Assistant for that Class...
         And for the sixth Semester,I was chosen as Head Teaching Assistant and Coordinator of Microeconomics Theory and take 10 class...hahaha_really busy with all of this...hahhaha!!!!I must correct more than 200 Lab Work answers for 1 week...hahhaa...Really tired...I really thank to all my team because help me for all.Thank You for all...And for the end of TAMIMA of 2006,we have dinner together and take picture,and really nice picture I think.....This is the best picture of us:

 Thank You so much for :
  1. Deri Yustria
  2. Supriatna
  3. Anggita
  4. Aprisha Fitriani
  5. Cumut
  6. Anindya K. Putri 
  7. Iya Yaumil Hakim
  8. Vidi Adyatma Nugraha
  9. Reti Anggraeni
  10. Totong Sudarto    
Nice to work with all of you_
And the last.....hahhahaha_when I am a Head Teaching Assitant,my team,TAMIMA 07,must prepare all the test for the next Teaching Assistant..And we add 1 test more so there are 7 test.We add psycho-test..And finaly we have 8 name of the new Teaching Assistant...I believe that all of them give their best for Teaching Assistant Micro Macro...Thx a Lot for all of you...!!!!!
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dezcute's blog mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Estro Dariatno Sihaloho mengatakan...

Halo dezcute !!!
Any way_thank you very much.
nice to know
can I know your real name????
I am so sorry because I dont know u...
God bless_____

Anonim mengatakan...

estro, my name is Anindyah K. Putri.. anindyah, not anindia or anindya.. u're the one who always write me as a wrong id.. :p

Estro Dariatno Sihaloho mengatakan...

I am really sorry my friends...
hhahha!!You really watch it...
your name is Anindyah K Putri...hhaa
I am sorry for wrong to write that...but Anindya seem nice to hear...LOL.....