Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

Everything About The Navigator

          I am Christian and always have a pray with my friends from my Padjadjaran University at Navigator...They are my family..my lovely family...We growth together in Jesus Christ..learn much about Bible_have much activity to show love to the others..The Navigator have a big vision...Our vision is to advance the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost.We learn give our best to Jesus Christ in our life...Everything is depend on Jesus want in our life...We Love Jesus So Much..In here I will show u some of our activity :

1. Padjadjaran Navigator Ret-Ret at Yogyakarta

        In 2011,We have ret-ret to Yogyakarta,having pray and have a together tour that make us more closely.I really enjoy this event..I got much and learn much about Jesus love in my life...
  • Go to Jogja

  • Arrive and Having Pray

  • Have Lunch

  • Game session

  • Travel to Borobudur Temple

2. Padjadjaran Navigator Hiking

          We always have sport like futsal, basket, hiking and the others...I will show u about our simple Hiking...hahahhaa....

3. Padjadjaran Navigator Weekend

          In here_we talk much about our Navigator mission in future...very nice,,,We pray together and have wonderful plan in Jesus Christ..Amen___full of SmiLe!!

4. Padjadjaran Navigator KPS

          KPS is a welcome event to the new Christian Student in University..in here We introduce about Navigator to them...Let we praise Jesus together....Amennn__

5. Padjadjaran Navigator Birthday Celebration

          Hahahhaha_special day huh??hhahha_yes...Birthday Celebration....Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Let Jesus Christ guide everthing in your life..Have blessed Birthday..))

6. My Bible Study Group

          This my Bible Study Group_we learn together in small group and share the others about our life and must have an aplication of our Bible Study in our life...This is really nice!!!We are Estro Dariatno Sihaloho, Heriyuda Sembiring, Josua Sianipar, Yosef Siahaan and the big one Bernard Sinurat..Haleluyah!!

Very nice huh???Lol...They are my family...We growth together in Jesus Christ and WE LOVE JESUS CHRIST...
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